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Premium Services For Our Clients

Town Lab offers the fastest and the most reliable services for all our clients, Town Lab offers its services for patients, doctors, medical insurance agencies and private businesses and corporates.

For Patients

Town Lab offers the fastest and most accurate results for all laboratory investigations, we deliver the results in just 2 hours, with the most accurate results that any patient need.

For Doctors

Town Lab offers the most reliable results for our doctors, for the best diagnosis and treatment plan for the patients.

For Corporates

Town Lab offers the best deals for medical insurance agencies, private businesses, and corporates, believing in the delivery of the best medical laboratory services at the best affordable prices.

Laboratory Investigations

Town Lab provides all types of investigations that you need, for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Blood Tests

All the blood investigations, for blood pictures, organ functions, hormonal profiles and much more.

Tissue Pathology

Tissue pathology examination for all tissues and tumor samples, for the best diagnosis.


Microbial culture and sensitivity with a full accurate report for successful treatment.

Immunology & DNA

All the Immunology and DNA analysis investigations, to accurately diagnose hereditary diseases.