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Welcome to Town Lab!

Town Lab is private medical laboratory chain in Egypt. Our chains provide diagnostic laboratory services, pathological and clinical tests. We care to provide accurate results. Our chemists are available all over Egypt to make sure that our customers are comfortable and safe.

We provide over 1,000 clinical Analysis services

In the fields of:
immunology, hematology/coagulation, clinical chemistry, parasitology, microbiology/infectious diseases, toxicology, cytology, surgical pathology, flow cytometry, molecular biology, and cytogenetics..

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Our doctors are known for their accuracy and efficiency.

Home Visits

We provide home visits all over Egypt directly to your doorstep.

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Our equipment are checked daily by specialists.


Town Lab provides the most affordable price list for all tests.

Laboratory Investigations

Blood Tests

Blood picture, organ functions and hormonal profiles.


Microbial culture and sensitivity with a full accurate report.

Tissue Pathology

Examination for all tissues and tumor samples for the best diagnosis.

Immunology & DNA

Well analyzed to accurately diagnose hereditary diseases.

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Town Lab has the most talented doctors, technicians, and paramedics in Egypt, well-trained and experienced in the field of laboratory pathology investigations.

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